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D'Accord Metronome 1.0.1

Metronome enables users interested in music to set up their temp requirements
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The D'Accord Metronome 1.0 is a software instrument program that enables users interested in music to set up their temp requirements.
Users are presented with a neat, small tempo setting interface that is very easy to use. They can learn about rhythm and beats per minute by using the program’s user operated controls. The first section allows them to select from a drop down menu, the common tempo measures, 2/4, ¾. 4/4 etc., and then they can press the play button feature to hear each measure that they have selected. The D'Accord Metronome 1.0 can be used as a teaching tool to teach tempo measures to students by first allowing them to hear the measures and then allowing them to repeat them by tapping out the beats or clapping to the beats.

The D'Accord Metronome 1.0 also features two other sections, controls for speeding up or slowing down each measure and one of these controls can be adjusted to add in extra beats allowing users to create or discover the tempos they require for their own compositions. Users have the choice option, when installing this free program, of installing D’Accord’s toolbar. The toolbar enables users to watch T.V. and listen to online radio as well as using it to search for lyrics, songs and chords. The toolbar may change users default search engine or change their homepage.

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